Madoria Strange by Collin C. McSheehy


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Collin McSheehy

Collin C. McSheehy

Madoria Strange

It’s raining outside for Madoria Strange.
She wants to pick flowers
but the weather won’t change.
Instead, she paints by numbers.
The sun turns into moonlight when the
flowers begin to die.
She just can’t see the stars
and so she’s painted out the sky.
Her mother said she “is a little confused.”
She ran to the garden when she was abused.
Lies from her father began to sink in.
Destroying her virtue and tainting her skin.
Running through flowers when she was a child.
Her beautiful soul would soon be defiled.
A stranger to love in the strangest of ways.
Madoria weeping alone in the rain.
Her saddening grows with her mother away.
Too far to fall, but the razor is sharp.
Her movements were staggered.
Too close to the heart.
They found her remains in the garden in may.
Her shadow still remains…

Editorial Reviews-
Cocaine Cactus Dollars Hidden in the Morphine Script is a collection of poems from 1992- 2003 by Collin C. McSheehy. Inspired and fueled by chaos and turmoil, this omnibus of American literature is a reflection of the author’s subconscious and echos his experiences through prodigious metaphor.

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    My name is spelled wrong. It’s “Collin C. McSheehy”. Here is the link on amazon to purchase the full book.rn

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