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The Lyricist Hour’s Season 2 is set to premiere, May 3rd, 2010 at 7 pm EST on

Jacksonville, FL – April 12, 2010 – The creators of The Lyricist Hour have once again teamed up with The Nerdy to broadcast the Southeast’s groundbreaking Hip-Hop webcast, whose mission is to bring independent and underground Hip-Hop culture back to the forefront and to also provide a bridge that connects the Hip Hop communities in the Southeast and beyond.

As founder and host of the weekly webcast, veteran Duval emcee, Mas Appeal created The Lyricist Hour as an avenue to showcase Hip-Hop artists, regardless of whether they’re independent, underground or mainstream, the only prerequisite being that they had to make dope music.  And Mas Appeal knows quite a bit about making dope music.  As a solo artist and one half of Hip-Hop supergroup, Simple Complexity, the Miami native has been a fixture on the Duval County Hip-Hop scene since 2002 and is respected and revered for his talent and showmanship.  He began The Lyricist Hour in 2006 with original co-host, Triclops I by distributing CD’s with a recorded show that highlighted local and national artists.  As the show grew in popularity, it was moved to podcast format, becoming the first Hip-Hop podcast in Jacksonville.  At its peak, The Lyricist Hour was receiving more than 1000 downloads per week with listeners throughout the Southeast, the US and Europe and featured interviews with Evidence of Dilated Peoples fame, DJ Spinna, Kev Brown and Salt-n-Pepa’s DJ, Spindarella. 

Jeff LogoAfter a brief hiatus, The Lyricist Hour returned in February of 2010 as a weekly webcast on .  Always on the cutting edge of technology and trends, Mas understood the need to adjust the medium in which The Lyricist Hour was broadcasted, so he teamed up with Rawkus recording artist, Willie Evans Jr. and his website, The Nerdy, to make the show more widely available to fans of the show, old and new.  A legendary emcee and member of The Alias Brothers (formerly known as Asamov), Willie Evans Jr, created The Nerdy as a vehicle to not only showcase his own creative endeavors, but to also connect the various Hip-Hop communities in the Southeast to demonstrate a unified front in which everyone could reap the benefits of exposure and success.  Willie Evans Jr serves as technician/co-host to The Lyricist Hour and is a welcome and entertaining addition.  Also new to The Lyricist Hour is Mal aka Malecule, a native New Yorker who was raised in New Jersey, Jacksonville and is deeply rooted in the East coast and Southeast Hip Hop community.  Mas’s onscreen co-host is a former member of the East Unit and is a Hip-Hop powerhouse, having been active on the Duval scene since 1992.  Mal has collaborated and worked with some of the Southeast most talented individuals like Tough Junkie, Dialectable Beats and DJ Therapy aka Paten Locke, and is currently working on his solo project.  As a member of The Lyricist Hour cast, Mal has an all-inclusive attitude and aims to provide promotion for independent and underground artists, with the hopes that everyone can enjoy prosperity and affluence.

The first season on the new The Lyricist Hour was a success as Mas, Mal and Willie played videos, discussed Hip-Hop and communicated with the growing audience via the sites chat bar function, phone and email, while holding contests for prizes and giveaways.  In addition to playing videos by independent and national artists, they showed footage of Duval Hip-Hop shows and acts, conducted interviews and did dedication shows to DJ Premier and the late J. Dilla.  Season Two will see The Lyricist Hour expanded with shows that focus on everything from independent clothing designers and entrepreneurs, the four elements of Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop technology and more.  The Lyricist Hour cast will still provide interviews, videos and commentary on underground, independent and mainstream artists, but aims to provide the viewer with a broader scope of the Hip-Hop community in hopes of educating and entertaining the audience with dope beats, dope lyrics and dope content.  Tune into the all new The Lyricist Hour every Monday, starting May 3rd, 2010 at 7 pm EST at

For more information on The Lyricist Hour, or to schedule an interview with the cast, please contact Mas Appeal at 904/923-8230 or e-mail Mas at

Be sure to check out The Lyricist Hour at these other websites to:

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    These guys are awesome!

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