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Section 8 Jax is an ever-growing media dynasty bringing area, national, and global art and information to the masses. Section 8 Jax provides the vehicle, in the form of underground independent media, for the voiceless and unheard to speak out, in essence helping individuals and communities become active and involved. Section 8 Jax will inform, entertain, and educate. Section 8 Jax will not fall off! Section 8 Jax will not sell out! Section 8 Jax will continue to provide area, national, and global arts and information for active and involved communities. Section 8 Jax is and will continue to be the voice of the people.

Section 8 Jax is published every eight weeks.  A DIY (Do It Yourself) style, 44+ page, digest-sized print “zine produced primarily for artists, intellectuals, students, and the general population of  the Jacksonville Duval County area, including Northeast Florida. All art forms, including poetry, music, fiction, non-fiction, performance art, theater, and visual art is covered, as well as news/public opinion on domestic and global issues.

Section 8 Jax is an open forum,  community responsive zine publishing submitted works from persons of all walks of life, education, and persuasion. Everything within the pages of a Section 8 Jax issue is sent in by the community for the community.

Submit your art, writing, music – whatever you do to Section 8 Jax at:

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